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Calm Waters Coffee Roasters

San Gabriel Estate

San Gabriel Estate

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Origin: San Gabriel
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1700-2200
Variety: Castillo
Tasting notes: Orange Zest, Nougat, Cashew

More about this coffee:

Mina Rica (the female owned producer of this coffee) is the result of three generations of hard work.

Mina Rica is a coffee producer that works in sustainable ways to continue our family tradition. From Varietals, to terroir, and our continual attention to environmental practices, we believe we grow some of the finest coffee in the world.

Our coffee lineage began with my grandfather, Mario. He owned a small farm in a town in Antioquia called Concordia. He was a humble, hard-working man who made his living producing coffee.

In 1960, he was murdered during an attempt to steal his coffee. Margarita, my grandmother, was left pregnant and in charge of raising her seven children. These were difficult times for her in the countryside, so she decided to move to the city in search of better opportunities.

My father was the only one amongst his siblings to continue the tradition of growing coffee. He has dedicated his entire life to coffee and has worked tirelessly to build a sustainable business.

When I graduated from college, I realized I did not want to work for a big corporation and my true passion was to continue the family business.

It was a hard decision, as coffee is a male-dominated industry, and as a woman traveling alone, the remote farms were not always the safest place for me. But I did not let that get in the way of my dreams.

I also had a dream to export our family’s coffee. So, I took a job at a coffee cooperative, worked internationally, and eventually realized my dream of creating my own company.

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