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Calm Waters Coffee Roasters

Ricardo Cortez

Ricardo Cortez

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Origin: Finca San Antonio, Honduras
Process: Honey
Elevation: 1525-1625
Variety: Lempira, Ihcafe 90, Catuai
Tasting Notes: Apple, Dried Fruit, Custard

More about this coffee:

This coffee is from San Antonio, the Lempira area of Western Honduras. Owned by Balbino (Ricardo's nickname) Cortez, San Antonio has only 9 hectares, 8 of which are
cultivated. San Andreas is a small municipality within the state of Lempira, with a population of 15,000 people primarily involved in the cultivation of coffee.
The farm sits between 1,525 and 1,625 meters above sea level, with an average temperature of 71 degrees. Mr. Cortez mills his coffee after picking only the ripest cherries, and they pay particular attention to the washing, fermentation, and
drying of their coffees to create exceptional coffee. The coffees are floated for quality and then dried on raised beds.

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