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Calm Waters Coffee Roasters

Lalisa Birbir

Lalisa Birbir

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Town: Lalisa Birbir
Country: Ethiopia
Variety: Wild Heriloom 
Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Almond, Chocolate

Certification: Bird Friendly


What is Bird Friendly Coffee?
Bird Friendly farms are 100% organic certified — no harmful pesticides — so they are better for the people and the planet. Bird Friendly certification protects birds and habitats through the hard work of 5,100 Bird Friendly farmers in 11 countries growing 34 million pounds of coffee annually.

More about this coffee:

Lalisa Birbir is the center of the kebele, located 12 Km east of Aira town at an altitude of 1,568 meters. The population size is approximately 5,829 people. The community relies on a single road for transportation. The kebele's coffee is known for its long berry type and excellent cup quality. Since the land's topography isn't suitable for annual crop cultivation, coffee plays a significant role in meeting their cash needs.

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